Thursday, 16 May 2013

spring so far

The new year has brought many blessings thus far, and one of them is most definitely the lovely spring weather we've been having. I've been taking full advantage of this to do some of my favorite spring activities ^^


The other day Gavin brought me to these lovely trails. The green seems to have shown up over night and the trees are absolutely lovely. This day was one of my favorites to date.
With school being over, and me not having to start my new job until next week, I've been reconnecting with my love for peaceful mornings again. Coffee and Tea are forever my weaknesses.

 I've been wearing my straw hat almost everyday, as I usually do when the sun is out.

Outfit planning is always funnest during the summer. Crochet and denim have been some favorites of mine.

When the sun goes down, Gavin and I have been taking Malcolm to the beach. He loves the water and the view is always so beautiful!

 This goes hand in hand with the one above ^ I've been spending any time I can at the beach.

The best part of my days is that I get to spend every single one with this perfect human ^.^

Sunday, 30 December 2012

sweaters, shoes and snow!

Lately I have been bugging my sister to wear her beautiful shoes and since she let me, I could not resist taking a few photos! Since I am not home I could only pair them with what I had which was black leggings and my current favorite sweater.
I bought this sweater at udobuy and have been wearing it excessively since it has arrived x

These were taken whilst visiting my grandparents, right on the road in front of their house; I'd wanted to take some in the back yard (they have a breathtaking yard) but the snow was much too deep and would have been up to my knees!
Anyway, it's new years eve tomorrow and I'm very excited for it. I will try and take as many photos as I can x

A collection of frozen treasures

One of my very favorite things is waking up on a chilled morning and looking out the window to find that everything is frosted over. Living in Ontario, with all the trees and trails, this makes it such a beautiful sight. 
This happened the other morning, and I could not resist the chance to go out and venture into the cold to gather some shots of any frozen treasures I might find. Walking along the trails, the sun was shining brightly, illuminating tiny snowflakes falling like sparkles from the sky. The whole world was frozen yet aglow and I felt as though I was someplace magical.

I went along the water for my adventure and although I've lived here my whole life, I've never seen the place so beautiful and full of snow. Especially on trees and branches hanging just above the stream, the snow clings beautifully and it took my breath away!
The bridge bellow was my favorite sight of all; it literally looks as though the bridge was constructed out of snow as if something out of Narnia x
Well, that's all for now; I've still got about a week before I head back to classes so I expect to be updating quite often before then!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Chritmas

It's Christmas Eve, and this holiday season is passing beautifully. Somehow, every year it gets better; the food, the parties, the ongoing traditions, it all fills me with such nostalgia and joy ^.^ It's getting late and I can't sleep in anticipation for tomorrow morning; I am forever child-like on Christmas morning, because it is always magical.

Well, the build-up to christmas has been wonderful so far, and I'm sure the holidays will only get better. I hope yours are as lovely as mine have been!